Our Story


LEALOR Designs is a Los Angeles based jewelry and wholesale diamond brand, founded in 2016 by designers Loran Suri and Leand Suri, who have been part of a family owned wholesale diamond company for all of their lives. Needless to say, the Suri’s developed a deep appreciation and fascination for diamonds at an early age. With their diamond expertise, experience, and unique eye for design, they developed an engagement ring, necklace and choker line that is incomparable to competitors due to its quality and unbeatable prices.

Their work also comprises of selling loose stones in all shapes and sizes. Each stone is individually selected and handcrafted to perfection, with a keen attention to detail. For verification purposes, each loose stone has a certificate number which can be confirmed on the home pages of the company where the certification was graded. The Suri’s have been the creative force behind the brand since day one, immersing themselves in every step of the brand’s creative and strategic decision-making process.

Style & Quality

When it comes to the jewelry industry, details are the most important factors that distinguish the average companies with unique ones. It is said “diamonds are forever”, so we aim to bring you jewelry that is timeless. Our diamond necklace and choker lines are unique and one of a kind. Every engagement ring we offer is special with the most beautiful and elegant designs.

With each ring, hours have been spent customizing them to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry. We hope to experience this cherished moment with you and your loved one.

100% Handmade

Custom Jewelry that has been manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Every piece has been finished with 18 karat gold with VS-SI diamonds in order to reach their maximum potential of brilliance. Every ring and necklace design is polished and cleaned attentively as well as handled with the most care.